Naomi Isted - TV presenter/Digital influencer

Mandy is not only an incredible trainer but also a motivator of the mind and body as a whole. She inspires me to live a more focused, positive, lifestyle. She is proof of the discipline of a healthy and mindful lifestyle with an abundance of motivation and positivity through in! Thankyou Mandy for always inspiring me.” 


Gillian Hourihan - Executive TV Producer 
Mandy trained me over a six month period and I loved every single session! Her training technique is completely different to any other PT I’ve used previously and she caters to your body type delivering results in a short space of time! Every session was different and she always comes with enthusiasm to push you through! If she didn’t have a massive waiting list already I would be recommending everyone to her!! 


Martin Hart

Mandy inspires/helps me physically and mentally following an accident I had last year which left me paralysed from the upper chest down. She encourages without pushing too far and is helping me primarily to work on my upper body strength. Regarding my leg exercises, she sets help to achieve better circulation and is gradually restoring some movement.  Having said that – she is no pushover lol and will work you to your limits but always taking your personal ability into account.  “One cap doesn’t fit all” comes to mind and such an aptitude is commendable. 

Jilly Coleman

I met Mandy Platt over 3 years ago purely by chance and thought what a lovely person she was, I was drawn immediately to her vivacious personality and love of life.  Little did I know several months later I would desperately need her help!

After a bad head trauma and nerve damage, I developed Fibromyalgia.  I became so weak I could hardly move or walk up and down stairs. My nerve damage worsened and I had bad tremors and a lot of pain among many other debilitating symptoms.  Again by chance, Mandy appeared on my Facebook page and I recalled from meeting her she worked in the fitness field. I contacted her and once permission was given from my doctors we began… I am a different person.

There is no cure for Fibromyalgia, you have to find ways to cope and strengthen yourself.

Mandy worked with me for close on 3 years. My body is so much stronger now. Even after a short period of time I was holding my posture and able to walk and use the stairs without even holding the handrail.  Always in my head is Mandy’s animated voice “…engage your core” “….shoulders back”!

This amazing, inspiring, gorgeous girl not only became my personal trainer, but a good friend too. I have learned so much from her and am so appreciative for the manner and care she gave in getting me to where I am today.

I defy anyone to not be inspired by her warm and bubbly personality.

Caroline Bookman

Not quite certain where to begin.

Mandy came into my life approx 3 years ago, at a time when my body and mind was at an all time low. I was suffering from a degenerative lower back problem, which caused me agonising pain and was advised by several specialists to undergo 2/3 spinal injections. None of them worked and was advised to see a pain management consultant. I was depressed, unable to work and sinking into depression. Mandy’s positive mental attitude towards me and her life coaching techniques, as well as her twice weekly exercise programme, began to help me improve slowly. It was a slow progression but after each visit, she left me feeling more positive and more stronger. Mandy is an amazing and inspiring woman. Her positive energy and upbeat mindset has helped me become a stronger, more positive, more outgoing person and without her constant encouragement and faith and belief in me, I don’t know where I would be today.

She has also now become one of my most trusted confident and dear friend to me... love you Mandy💕



I have been a client of Mandy platt for 4 years since being diagnosed with osteoporosis and suffering with chronic lower back pain. Mandy took time to fully assess me and tailor an exercise plan to strengthen the problem areas as well as giving nutritional advice. This is not a quick fix program but a work in progress which takes into consideration stuff that life throws your way.
Mandy does not stick to a rigid formula, as I reached my goals, she upped and tweaked my movements for even better results. 
Mandy is a positive force who builds confidence as well as strength.

Despina xx